ultraboostx: kari + tavia

San Francisco was the backdrop for this shoot for UltraBOOST X, adidas' first shoe designed exclusively for women. We drew heavily from the iconic landscape and architecture of the city as inspiration for the art direction. The Embarcadero, Twin Peaks, the Bay Bridge, and many of the steep streets and vistas San Fran is known for were featured prominently in this campaign. Models Kari Calhoun and Tavia Bonetti valiantly tackled many a hill in their UltraBOOST X’s to make these images possible.
"Nothing can stop your rise. Where others turn back, go beyond the chaos. Dream it. Run it. Be it. Greater every run with the women's only UltraBOOST X."

AD: Kim Winderman, Ryan DeMarco, Mason Yost, Leslie Hiciano  /  Models: Tavia Bonetti, Kari Calhoun  /  Styling: Max Mosher  /  HMU: Stephanie Scholtz  /  Production: Paige Dorian