Tara Davis and Hunter Woodhall describe themselves as “Olympians, pro athletes, but mostly just two dumb kids,” and I think that’s hilarious. And they ARE hilarious-- they made this shoot so incredibly fun that 2 days of hanging out with them felt like not nearly enough. If they’re dumb kids, then dumb kids are my FAVORITE!!

Big shout out to Kim Winderman for her always unexpected & beautiful art direction, and continuous encouragement to experiment. Thanks to her, I got to play with pushing light through warped fabric, double exposures, analog film, dramatic light shapes, and I also got to lie in a sand pit while Tara long-jumped over me. It doesn’t really get better than that!

AD: Kim Winderman/  Wardrobe Styling: Heji Rashdi/  HMU: Lauren Citera/  Product Styling: Yety Akinola/ Production: Wavelength