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Sharika Renea Nelvis is known for being an amazing hurdler—she’s a champion and a record setter in the 60 & 100m hurdles. Sharika also has an insane work ethic, an infectious laugh, and great personal style. Her signature lip color is Mac Heroine, which in my opinion couldn’t be more appropriately named, since she’s tirelessly worked her way to the top.
Sharika’s words, from her Instagram, @hurdle_holic:

I literally came from nothing. All I had was this gift and my sister. But now look at me traveling the world doing what I love being happy! I challenge y’all to dig deep, find your happy place and stop being miserable dickheads. Ok I’m done

For this shoot, we experimented with camera techniques that embrace the unexpected. Lens flares, partial flashes, long exposures, and mixed colored light all came together for some gorgeous spontaneous moments.

AD: Kim Winderman, Colleen McClain, Reanea Tanner  /  Stylist: Nikki Grattan  /  Hair: Hailey Adickes  /  MUA: Melissa Murdick  /  Production: Glam PR