see me, see my creativity : outdoor

Invisibility on and off the field is a reality for many female athletes. They can excel in their sport only to be met with astronomically lower salaries, little to no media coverage, and fewer and less lucrative commercial sponsorship opportunities. 

Women often mention the pervasiveness of being invisible in sport, an endemic that bleeds into culture well beyond the field. Therefore, we use “See Me” as a narrative pillar to set groundwork to tell greater, more inclusive stories.”

I wanted to be as creative as possible with my photography for this shoot, to highlight the creativity that female athletes must bring to their sports and their lives to get by in a male-dominated field. My goal was to find an alternate way to image typical straight-ahead, height-of-the-action sports photography that’s the norm in the athletic photo world.  To achieve this I used in-camera double exposures and glaring lens flares, and I looked for acts of camaraderie, opportunities for spontaneous but intimate portraits,  and the in-between moments of beauty that you might miss because they’re not the typical “hero” moments.
We shot a wide variety of sports for this campaign-- football (soccer), rugby, volleyball, baseball, hockey and basketball. These are the images of the outdoor sports; the indoor sports can be found in a separate gallery.

AD: Kim Winderman  /  Agency: 72andSunny  /  Styling: Bonnie Stauch  /  Sport Choreographer: Dustin Dennard  /  HMU: Bridget O'Neill  /  Production: Stink