paris skateboarding

We shot at the Palais de Tokyo plaza and the Léon Cladel skatepark, two classic Paris skate spots, for this brand campaign segment. (We missed the Place de la République—no permit—we’ll hit it next time!)

My favorite was the Palais de Tokyo, an art deco museum. It’s famous in the skate world for its plaza beside the fountain. Skateboarders from all over the world travel to Paris to do tricks on its unique square ledges, stairs, and planters, all while being watched over by an epic stone frieze.

CD: Michael Castellon  /  Agency: Half Court  /  Athletes: Idris Jani, Benoit Renaux, Thomas Renaux  /  Stylist: Frieda Yem  /  HMU: Nelly Charraud  /  Production: 24 Productions