nora vasconcellos

As the first female rider on adidas’ pro skateboarding roster, Nora is well on her way to becoming an icon in the skate world. In a sport that has historically been unwelcoming to women, she’s blazed a trail for the next generation of female riders simply by doing what she loves and being herself. Her sincerity and openness are immediately apparent. Nora is also accomplished as an artist and illustrator, and her designs and drawings have been incorporated into various skateboard product lines.
But what I laugh about is that you have an industry that’s all dudes— they own the brands, they are the team managers— now understanding that the female market is fucking insane. Who’s really spending money? Women are.”  –Nora Vasconcellos

AD: Colleen McClain  /  Styling: Teresa Smith  /  HMU: Heather Rae Brown  /  Production: Sockeye